About Us

CRES India is a Centralized Digital Platform as to provide Care and repair Ecosystems for all the Car/Bikes/Scooty owners for keeping a track of their vehicle Health and also to book a regular Checkup with our Expert Servicing Partners and Car/Bikes/Scooty Repair Shops.
This platform will be completely web based and have no need for an app to be downloaded from App store.
Building a Trust factor on the Aftermarket Services and Repair shops as CRES will be offering all the services that are served to its highest Quality standards.
Services as Quick Book / 24*7 Assistance / Road side assistance / Genuine Spares / Health Card / Better Re-sale value.
We aim to have CRES as a place for Care and Repair Ecosystems.
The target is to have no Non genuine Parts fitted and to improve the Quality of Car/Bikes/Scooty that run on Roads.

Our Mission

CRES has a Mission to have all the Cars running on Roads to be in it best possible condition and to achieve the same we at CRES have our Elite Service Station Partners with us, who will be Managing the Vehicle Health on our Centralized Digital Platform. The aim is to have a Chain of CRES garage Partners who will be working towards the greener goal by keeping the consumer Car health to its Best.

Our Vision

Our Vision of CRES is to have a greener tomorrow by maintaining the existing Cars that Run on Road, the future is inclined towards Electric mobility and to make it adaptable CRES is working to be future ready by the time consumer trend shifts from traditionally powered vehicles to electrically charged ones.

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